Welcome to our new weekly natural beauty blog.  To start my first weekly blog I was asked to write about my favourite natural beauty product...what a question....my cupboards are groaning with fantastic products!

For me an amazing beauty product has to combine the holy grail; great scent, a texture I love and most important it has to count...by that I mean it has to fight for its place in my bathroom cupboard so it has to make a difference to my skin quickly.

Spring is the time we all, with luck, start blinking in to the sunlight...for the first time we see our skin looking a little bit jaded and the word brightening seems to apply.

My skin has the typical look, slightly dry, dehydrated and a bit sallow...I need help!

Enter the John Masters Organic facial skin care range.   I have used the hair products for ages and adore them, but the skin care fell under my radar.   A customer started raving about the Vitamin C Face Serum and I decided to give it a go.  This brilliant blend has been designed to tackle the first signs of ageing but it is the brightening qualities that I wanted.

Vitamin C is known to help with hyper pigmentation and a well known antioxidant, but it is the high level of sea algae extract that John Masters highlight as their hero ingredient. I use this lime blossom scented serum at night in place of my night cream and under my moisturiser to lock in the potent ingredients.  Combine that with the nettle tea I have been drinking to boost my digestion and everyone has been commenting how well I look and asking whether I have been on holiday...a great result, and a product that really counts.

It has prompted me to look in to sea algea and seeweed to see which other of our products use this magic ingredients...I will keep you posted as to what I find out in the weeks to come.


Head of Beauty